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4 Signs It’s Time to Resurface Your Pool Deck

The benefits of having your own back yard pool are many.

While you maintain the pool itself to keep the water sparkling and clear, when was the last time you took a really good look at the pool deck? The pool deck adds to the beauty and ambience of the pool area and should also be kept in tip-top condition. Resurfacing that deck gives a fresh, new look with little time or cost involved. Give the experts at Concrete Designs a call if you notice any of the following issues with your pool deck:


While concrete is extremely sturdy and long lasting, cracks may eventually develop. Small, hairline cracks are one of the first signs your deck is in need of a makeover through the process of resurfacing. Remember, cracks will only grow larger if ignored and may lead to worse problems.


One of the problems that may occur if cracks are allowed to grow and enlarge is erosion. Erosion can happen when water seeps down through the cracks and affects the soil underneath. If erosion is allowed to take place, this only leads to deeper, far more serious problems that will be quite costly to repair.

New Look

Small chips in the concrete deck are a part of daily usage. However, if erosion has begun it will quickly turn those smaller damaged areas into larger holes caused by the shifting and movement of the underlying soil. Repairing these holes before they have a chance to enlarge, then resurfacing the pool deck will give a completely new look along with the added safety factor of no holes or chipped areas to cause trips and falls.


While not damaging in itself, a dull, weathered appearance is letting you know the concrete is aging and requires attention. Chemicals used to keep the water clean and clear, along with the sun’s heavy UV rays, may cause discoloration and will, over time, weaken the integrity of the concrete which could then lead to more cracks appearing. Applying a sealer is a quick fix for the appearance but is not long-lasting if the concrete is beginning to weaken.

Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of Concrete Designs before these problems and issues arise with your pool deck. Their designers will happily show you how easy it is to completely change the appearance and wearability of your pool deck by resurfacing before the damage is too great. Colors, patterns, and designs can be blended to create exactly the appearance you want to achieve.


Tips on How to Maintain Your Synthetic Turf Looking New

Synthetic turf is becoming more and more popular.

This is the especially the case with busy homeowners who want a lush, beautiful lawn but simply don’t have the time to maintain that lawn. Raking, mowing, edging, and fertilizing can quickly consume what little spare time you may have. Replacing your grass by having synthetic turf professionally installed by the experts at Concrete Designs will have you enjoying your time instead. Once the turf is installed, there are a few things you need to know to keep the turf looking like new.

Brush regularly

A regular brushing removes leaves and other debris before they can become compacted into the turf, possibly creating a moldy or mildewed appearance. Brushes should only have synthetic fibers, never steel or other metallic bristles that could harm the turf. If a rake is used, it should have flexible plastic tines. A leaf blower, used on a regular basis, works well also.

Avoid heavy items from the turf

While heavy items such as a flower pot or child’s wading pool may temporarily crush the turf bristles, there is seldom actual damage done that brushing the turf won’t fix. Brushing against the natural pile of the turf will fluff it back to its original upright position, leaving no evidence anything was there and keeping your lawn looking smooth and even.

Keep fire and hot items away

Synthetic turf isn’t flammable but it may well melt if exposed to heat other than the sun’s rays. Barbecue pits, cigarettes, fireworks, or other heated materials should be kept well away from areas where synthetic turf has been placed. It is strongly recommended that running vehicles not be parked on turf. Damaged areas can be replaced, but why have that expense when following a few simple rules will prevent damage?

Rinse with water

Just as with regular grass, dust and dirt will build up on your synthetic turf. Rain is the best solution to keeping the turf clean and fresh but when that’s not an option, a quick spray with the water hose will do the job. Sprinklers are not a good idea as too much water may tend to build up calcium deposits on the turf. For any stains that may occur, a solution of mild household detergent mixed with water may be used. Never use caustic or high alkaline cleaners on your turf.

When the Cracks Begin to Show – the Sooner You Reseal, the Better

The popularity of using concrete for driveways, patios, and flooring is due in large part to its strength, durability, and low maintenance.

Properly laid and sealed concrete will give many years of service with a minimum of fuss and care. However, nothing lasts forever and nothing is completely maintenance-free, including concrete.

Visual inspection is the number one way to determine if it’s time to reseal your concrete.

Dulling, discolored surfaces or the appearance of hairline cracks are tell-tale signs a fresh coat of sealant should be in the near future.

Indoor flooring is not exposed to the elements so, as a general rule, won’t need to be resealed as often. Harsh cleaning agents, though, or heavy traffic areas, may damage the sealant and require being resealed more often. The experts at Concrete Designs can inspect your flooring, apply the correct sealer and recommend cleaning solutions to keep your floors looking new and bright.

Driveways can either add to or detract from the overall appearance of your property.

Generally speaking, depending on traffic volume and weather conditions, sealants should be reapplied every three to five years. If you notice small cracks appearing in the concrete, an inspection by the contractors at Concrete Designs can make sure there are no underlying issues before repairing or overlaying. Small cracks can quickly become large cracks if not addressed as soon as possible, and large cracks can be expensive to repair. Keeping your driveway clean, promptly removing oil or other stains, and avoiding deicing chemicals will all contribute to the longevity of the sealant and making sure your driveway always looks fresh and inviting.

Patios should be places to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

If you notice colors appearing faded, or flaky or whitish residue, it’s almost a sure bet it’s time to reseal. Whether covered or exposed, weather will sooner or later have an effect on the sealer, which will need to be refreshed.

Concrete pool decks, like driveways, are exposed to the elements as well as pool chemicals, sunscreen, and other substances that will gradually affect the sealer. Dulling colors and non-skid surfaces that become slippery are signs of the wearing away of the sealant and the need to have a new coat applied.

Fading colors or cracks appearing in your concrete are definite signs that something needs to be done.

Rest assured, calling on the knowledgeable experts at Concrete Designs will have all of your concrete refreshed and resealed quickly, thereby avoiding further possible damage to the concrete.

Get a New Pool Deck Without Removing Your Concrete Floor

Having and maintaining a pool takes a little effort. You want the water to be clean, clear, and sparkling.

Now take a good hard look at the pool deck. Does it add to the welcoming ambiance of the pool, or is it dull and boring? As a fun gathering place for family and friends, your pool deck should be just as inviting as the pool itself. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of a plain deck, let the experts at Concrete Designs show you how to easily change it into a work of art in very little time.

Unlike the hassle, mess, and expense of completely removing the existing concrete and starting over, a concrete overlay just may be the answer for you.

As long as there are no issues with the sub-base of the concrete, there’s no need to replace it. Replacing concrete gets involved and can take weeks on end as opposed to mere days, in most cases, for an overlay. Do you really want a construction zone in your yard with all the dust, debris, and noise, along with the destruction of your landscaping, when you can be relaxing and enjoying your pool with its gorgeous new deck in a matter of days? Eco-friendly overlays are the way to go.

Concrete Designs specializes in concrete overlays.

No longer will you be stuck with a plain-Jane pool deck when the choices of designs and colors are practically endless with an overlay. An overlay actually strengthens the existing concrete and is very long-lasting. Finishes can be bright and bold or more subtle, all with non-slip ingredients to make the deck safer.

Achieving exactly the look you want for your pool deck is simple.

Concrete Designs can give you the appearance of slate, natural stone, brick, or whatever you choose. The hardest part will be deciding which look is right for you! Colors and designs can be integrated that will make the deck uniquely yours. Blend the pool deck with current landscape and architecture, or create an exciting new area that speaks for itself.

Removing and replacing concrete is extremely expensive and time-consuming, along with the negative effects listed above. An overlay can be installed at a fraction of the cost and time with none of the effects of construction. Let Concrete Designs inspect your deck and work with you to achieve exactly the look you’ll be proud to show off.

How to Renovate Your Concrete Floor Without Replacing it

There is no building material known to man that is indestructible, including concrete.

While concrete is strong and very long lasting, it will, over time, begin to show signs of aging. A dulling in appearance, wear spots in heavy traffic areas, and small cracks are all normal signs of the aging process of your concrete. You can’t stop this process but you can cover it up, giving the look of fresh new concrete.

As long as the existing concrete is in fair condition (no large cracks, breaks, or uneven places) with a good sub-base, there is no need to go to the time and expense of tearing out and replacing your concrete. The experts at Concrete Designs can inspect your slab and show you how they can easily refurbish your concrete patio, pool deck, sidewalks, or driveways with a concrete overlay that gives a whole new look to your home.

Concrete Overlay Uses
Specializing in concrete resurfacing, decorative concrete, and stamped concrete overlays, the knowledgeable personnel at Concrete Designs will quickly convince you that practically any new look is achievable with an overlay. Overlays consist of a thin layer of concrete blended with special polymers that actually bond to the existing concrete, making it stronger and giving many more years of use.

Pool Deck
Dull pool deck? Make it exciting again with a custom designed concrete overlay filled with colors and designs plus a non-slip surface. The overlay not only makes the area more beautiful, the non-slip surface adds a safety factor that is important around a pool.

Boring patio? With a concrete overlay designed to mimic natural stone, brick, or even wood, your patio will once again be appealing as a place you and family and friends will want to be. Having a lovely outdoor living space makes entertaining much more enjoyable.

Keep in mind that driveways and walkways are usually the first thing people see when approaching your home. A good first impression is easily achieved when a concrete overlay is in place that gives a warm, welcoming appearance. Flagstone is a popular choice for these areas but is also very expensive. An overlay can give the appearance of flagstone at a fraction of the cost.

When you begin noticing signs of use and aging in your concrete, give Concrete Designs a call and let them show you how easily and quickly most of your issues can be resolved with a concrete overlay.

3 Tips to Maintain Your Decorative Concrete 

Now that your beautiful new decorative concrete has been installed, you may be wondering what’s next and how to preserve the original beauty.

Many decorative concrete installers offer a maintenance program, but many homeowners choose to do it themselves. Decorative concrete will last many, many years with very little maintenance. A few tips to help properly maintain the concrete with little effort include:

1. Sweeping and washing

For most decorative concrete, a quick weekly sweep is all that’s needed. For outdoor areas, a leaf blower does an excellent job of removing dirt and debris that may have built up. Indoors, a regular broom or dust mop does the trick.
For a more thorough cleaning, damp mopping is often sufficient. A mild detergent may be used for any stubborn spots, but never use harsh chemical cleaners as they tend to dull the surface. The experts at Concrete Designs will be happy to recommend the best cleaner for your decorative concrete. Pressure washing outdoor surfaces can be done with no ill effects. Again, no harsh chemical cleaners!

2. Protect with a sealer

The finishing touch when the decorative concrete is installed is the proper sealant. These sealers are designed to protect and preserve the finish of the concrete from harsh weather in all seasons, to prevent deep scratches and stains, and may be reapplied every 2 – 3 years. Concrete Designs personnel can help you decide which sealer is the best for your particular concrete. High traffic areas indoors may need a little extra help and that’s where specially formulated waxes and polishes may be used. Reading the label will let you know the correct polish or wax to use to keep your floor looking like new.

3. Oil and grease stains

When mild detergent isn’t quite enough, there are alkaline degreasers on the market created especially for removing these stains on decorative concrete. Be very careful when choosing a degreaser as some may actually cause damage to the concrete. To be sure you’re getting the proper degreaser, check with a knowledgeable source such as Concrete Designs. They can explain the pros and cons of the different products and steer you to the exact one you need.

Polished Floor: Where to use it?

Concrete has long been a staple in the construction industry; driveways, sidewalks, and foundations are common uses for concrete.

New technologies and techniques, however, have greatly expanded the use of concrete into areas not usually considered in the past. One such area is the floor. Floors are a necessary part of every building, yet seldom noticed or given much attention. Concrete Designs can completely remove any doubt you may have about concrete flooring, whether it be for your home or business.


Sprucing up the flooring in your home often becomes a costly process. Tile, linoleum, wood, and other typical floor coverings require constant maintenance and have to be replaced every few years. Polished concrete, on the other hand, can easily last 10 years or more with very little in the way of upkeep, maintaining its beautiful finish through the harshest of everyday living. The finish never needs wax or other coatings, making it more environmentally friendly, and there is a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from to make your floor uniquely yours. Finishes can range from satin to high gloss, or even a polished stone effect. The experts and designers at Concrete Designs will help you decide on the perfect polished concrete floor for your home.


More and more restaurants are choosing polished concrete for their kitchens and dining areas. Restaurant kitchens are held to high standards when it comes to cleanliness. The non-porous surface of polished concrete is the perfect solution, resisting spills of all kinds, slip resistant, and easy to clean. It also withstands the temperature extremes found in busy kitchens. In the dining area, the constant scraping of tables and chairs and high traffic patterns quickly dull or even ruin typical flooring. Not so with polished concrete.

Commercial Stores

Commercial stores have also discovered the joys of having a polished concrete floor in place. With the ease of installation and low maintenance requirements, polished concrete always give the appearance of being like-new even in the most heavily used areas such as aisles and check-out lanes. A nice shiny floor is much more inviting to customers than a dull, worn floor. The knowledgeable professionals at Concrete Designs will be happy to show you what a difference a polished concrete floor will make in the overall appearance of your store.

How To Make Your Synthetic Grass Last Longer

Many people choose to install synthetic grass because of its beauty and durability. It’s much easier to maintain than real grass, but that doesn’t mean that some maintenance isn’t required. Use these tips to keep your synthetic grass looking as good as new and to make it last longer.

1. Brush Frequently

Brushing synthetic grass on a regular basis keeps the fibers standing upright. This not only improves the appearance of the grass, but also helps it to last longer.

2. Keep Heat at a Distance

The heat from smoldering cigarette butts, portable fire pits and barbecue grills can melt synthetic grass. Use these items with care, and try to keep them as far from your artificial grass as possible.

3. Spray with Water

Your garden hose can work wonders on synthetic grass. A gentle spray of water on a weekly basis rids the surface of dust and dirt while also helping to maintain the even distribution of the infill. At the same time, it gets rid of pollen and other allergens so your family can enjoy the artificial turf with fewer sniffles.

4. Blow Away Debris

A scattering of branches, leaves and other debris makes an unsightly mess that only gets worse as the vegetation begins to rot. Use a leaf blower to get rid of debris so that your artificial grass will always look fresh and well groomed.

5. Take Care of Pet Messes

Man’s best friend is a fan of synthetic grass too. That’s great, because artificial turf is perfectly healthy for pets to use. A pooper scooper or plastic bag can be used to remove any deposits. Hosing down the area is also recommended to keep it more sanitary and to minimize potential smells.

6. Control Weeds

The wind will carry seeds to artificial grass just as it will to natural grass. Accordingly, it’s not unusual to see a weed or two springing up from time to time. Controlling this is relatively easy with the application of weed killer in the spring and fall. Weeds that do make it past the weed killer are easy enough to dispose of.

7. Remove Clutter

Fall leaves feature beautiful colors, but they tend to really clutter up your synthetic lawn. Use a leaf blower or stiff brush to remove them regularly.
With these tips, your synthetic grass will last for many years even with high traffic, kids and pets.

10 Benefits of Using Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors were once seen mostly in industrial facilities. However, years of innovations have made this flooring alternative popular for hotels, retail spaces and even private residences. It’s easy to see why when you understand these 10 benefits of using polished concrete.

1. High Durability

If you’re looking for a floor that can take a beating and still look fantastic, then polished concrete is for you. This flooring isn’t susceptible to normal wear and tear. Even in areas where there is considerable foot traffic or where the use of heavy equipment is common, you won’t be able to see any damage. Polished concrete can easily last for 100 years or more.

2. Cost Effective

With polished concrete’s incredibly long lifespan, you won’t ever need to replace this floor. Little maintenance is required, which means you won’t be spending a fortune on cleaners and equipment. Even the installation price is surprisingly low at between two and six dollars per square foot.

3. Easy to Maintain

Anyone who wants floors that look great without having to be constantly maintained is likely to fall in love with polished concrete. A dust mop or broom is all that’s necessary most of the time. Give the surface a wet mop once a week. Routine stripping and waxing are not required.

4. Endless Colors and Designs

Color and design options are limited only by your imagination. With the ability to dye the concrete to match any color of the rainbow and to add stamped overlays, it’s easy to achieve precisely the look you desire.

5. Slip Resistant

You won’t have to worry much about slip-and-fall accidents with a polished concrete floor. That’s because these surfaces meet or exceed standards for slip resistance as set by the ADA and OSHA. This means you get a high-gloss finish without the risks.

6. High Light Reflectivity

After installing a polished concrete floor, most people notice that they don’t have to use as much artificial lighting thanks to the ambient lighting that’s reflected by the floor. You just might find that your energy bill goes down.

7. Increased Aesthetic Value

Without a doubt, polished concrete floors are gorgeous. They deliver the look of a much more expensive stone like marble or granite without costing a fortune or requiring lots of special care.

8. Stain Resistant

The concrete used in these floors is incredibly dense. Add to that the heavy, waterproof seal on the surface, and you have a floor that can resist virtually any stain. If spills are frequent at your property, you can’t go wrong with polished concrete.

9. Environmentally Friendly

Polished concrete lasts for a lifetime and beyond, making it incredibly sustainable. What’s more, it isn’t finished with any hazardous toxins, and green cleaners will keep it looking like new.

10. Sanitary

You can trust that your polished concrete floor is always clean thanks to its ability to resist fluids of all descriptions. A waterproof barrier keeps out contaminants, and you can ask for anti-microbial protection too.

Just resealed your driveway? Here is how to maintain it!

A properly laid and sealed driveway adds value to your property and improves the appearance. As with any concrete surface, maintenance is an important part of keeping your driveway looking new and fresh. Part of that maintenance includes resealing when areas become dull or stained. This process, when done correctly, only needs repeated after several years. If you have recently had your driveway resealed, here are a few tips to maintain it to prolong the life of the sealant.

Let it Dry

Just as you wouldn’t walk across a freshly waxed floor, concrete sealers need time to dry and cure before the area can be used. Your contractor will explain the length of time needed for best results in your circumstance.

Sweep and Rinse

Once the sealant has dried and cured the necessary amount of time, maintaining is a simple task that takes very little time. Sweeping every few days will help keep dirt and debris from building up, and a quick blast from a leaf blower about once a week will blow away anything the sweeping missed. Leaves left in place for too long have a bad habit of causing unsightly stains. A rinse-down with a garden hose once in a while is helpful. However, if you choose to use a power washer, be extremely careful -too much pressure can cause damage!

If you live in an area with ice and snow, be aware that salts and other chemicals used in deicing compounds can harm your sealant and weaken its ability to protect the concrete. Consult a concrete expert on which agent may be safely used, then use it sparingly. Don’t forget that when you park a car that has been traveling on deiced roadways, the deicer will drip onto your surface and should be rinsed off as soon as possible.

Keep the Grease Away

Grease and oil stains may be an issue but are easily removed when not left for too long. There are detergent products on the market designed to remove these stains with little effort. Again, check with the experts on the best detergents to use with your sealant. A handful of cheap kitty litter thrown on fresh oil or grease drips will soak up the majority of the oil, leaving little to no stain.