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Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

driveway resurfacing

Concrete driveway resurfacing plays a crucial role in keeping the overall appearance of your driveway looking new. Over the years your concrete driveway can take damage from the many things around it such as tree branches, inclement weather and even the movement of the soil. These different factors start to cause cracks to start appearing on the concrete. Your best bet at this point is to start resurfacing your concrete to keep its appearance looking in tact longer. Concrete driveway resurfacing is done by applying a thin layer of cement over the faulty areas and then applying decorative concrete to best suit your taste. The design that you choose is chosen prior to starting the resurfacing process and gives you the ability to choose both the design and the color of the final product. This gives you full control over what kind of look and feel you want by choosing the colors to best suit the surface as well as the design that you would like.

Once the concrete driveway resurfacing is complete you will be left with a beautiful surface that will be durable.

The process for concrete driveway resurfacing consists of the concrete being cleaned and repaired and then overlaid with a new surface. The steps involved in this process are:

  • Use a power washer to thoroughly clean the old surface
  • Repair any cracks cover them with concrete to have a final surface that is smooth.
  • Fill in any holes that may still be visible in the surface.
  • Place a layer over the surface once all of the visible damage has been handled properly.
  • Apply the color chosen by the customer as well as the design with a seal coat that will protect the surface.
  • Wait 48-72 hours for the surface to dry completely before using it.

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